The Panther System

Activate the Panther system.

The Panther system consolidates a broad assay menu on a single, fully automated platform that enables you to test for infectious pathogens and sexually transmitted infections (STIs)—including HIV-1, Zika virus*, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, and trichomoniasis—in parallel.

  • Load-and-go automation without batching restrictions.
  • Run multiple assays—up to 4—simultaneously for increased efficiency. 
  • True walk-away freedom with less hands-on time for flexible workflow and streamlined efficiency.

Leave the batch behind.

Deliver more same-day results to your customers, with no batching restrictions.
  • Load samples as they arrive, in any order.
  • Prioritize and run urgent samples.
  • Run as few as 1 or as many as 94 clinical samples, with no additional controls required.

Unlock potential with random access.

Customize your workflow with random access on the Panther system.
  • Access the instrument at any time to load additional samples or reagents.
  • Continuous access so you can unload processed samples and load new samples as needed.
  • Unload and store reagents as needed to reduce waste.

Increase productivity with full automation.

Load and go with less hands-on time than any other viral load platform.
  • Load and process primary tubes (PPT, ACD, and EDTA) directly on the Panther system.
  • No sample transfer or pipetting required.
  • No operator intervention necessary during a run.

Small footprint. Big possibilities.1-4

More results with less space: <1 square meter and over 300 results in less than 8 hours.
  • True sample-to-result automation: All sample processing, amplification, and detection in one contained unit.
  • Potential to consolidate a broad assay menu onto one fully automated instrument.


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